LDO Voron 2.4 kit


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LDO által összeállított Voron V2.4 nyomtató készlet. A csomag nem tartalmazza a nyomtatandó alkatrészeket, HotEnd-et és Raspberry PI-t!

A vásárolás nem előrendelést jelent! A készleten lévő nyomtatok vásárlás esetén másnap átvehetők, vagy postázásra kerülnek.


580 000 Ft


A színválasztási lehetőség a vázra vonatkozik. A kit-ben található váz kérés esetén cseréhető azonos áron alumínium színű, vagy az árkülönbözettel növelve fekete Misumi Voron 2.4 vázra.

Bővebb információk, összeszerelési tanácsok az LDO oldalán találhatóak: docs.ldomotors.com/voron/voron2

Features & Extras

  • V2.4r2 Compatibility – Our kit is designed to be compatible with V2.4 Rev2.
  • Stainless Steel Linear Rails – 12H size rails for X axis included. No more worrying about rusty rails. Remember to properly lubricate your linear rails!
  • Toolhead PCB – Our kit includes a modified Hartk toolhead PCB. In addition, we designed a toolhead breakout PCB to make wiring at the controller end simple and straightforward.
  • Brass Heatset Insert Tool – We’ve included a custom machined brass tip for your soldering iron, use it to install heatset inserts with ease!
  • Input Shaper Tool– We threw in a toolkit that includes all the necessary parts to help you perform input shaper calibration, hassle free.
  • Pre-cut & Pre-wired – Our kit includes all necessary wiring: cut to the right length and pre-crimped or soldered to their respective parts.
  • LED Lighting – Bring lighting to your Voron with included LED strips and all necessary wiring!
  • Nevermore Filter – We include parts for an optional internal circulation filter: the Nevermore Micro V5 by 0ndsk4 (carbon pellets not included due to shipping restrictions).
  • Klicky Mod –  Instead of the included Omron inductive probe, We also provide the parts to build your machine using the optional Klicky mod by jlas1.
  • Small Tools – We include a small set of hex wrenches for all the fasteners used in the build (Preparing your own set of good quality hex wrenches is still recommended). Also included is a small flat head screwdriver that is useful in a surprising number of situations.
  • 2mm Drill Bit – Metric drill bits may not be very common in some parts of the world, so we included one. Use it to ream the filament path in your printed extruder parts.



Box Item Qty.
Cable Kit 2.4 Power  Cables 1
Toolhead PCB Cables (includes the following, but not limited to)

  • Heat cartridge
  • Thermistor
  • Inductive Probe
Breakout PCB Cables 1
Misc. Cables 1
Motion Bearing, F695-2RS 20
Bearing, 625-2RS 12
Pulley, 2GT, 16T, (5mm ID 6mm W) 4
Pulley, 2GT, 20T, Deflanged 1
Pulley, 2GT, 20T, (5mm ID 6mm W) 2
Pulley, 2GT, 20T, (5mm ID 9mm W) 4
Pulley, 2GT, 80T, (5mm ID 6mm W) 4
Idler, 2GT, 20T,  (5mm ID 6mm W) 2
Idler, 2GT, 20T,  (5mm ID 9mm W) 4
Shaft, 5x60mm 4
Shaft, for Nozzle Probe 1
Thumb Screw Kit 1
MR85 Bearing 2
Genuine Bondtech BMG Parts 1
Motor Gear, 17T 1
4mm Bowden Coupler 1
Teflon Tube (4mm OD 2mm ID) – 10cm 1
Foam Tape, 1mm 1
Foam Tape, 3mm 1
Setscrew M4*4 DIN916 32
Setscrew M3*2 DIN916 5
Electronics 1 Mini 12864 Display (BTT) 1
AC Inlet, Integrated Switch & Fuse 1
Keystone CAT6 Insert 1
Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 1
Solid State Relay, Omron 1
DIN Rail Mount Bracket, for SSR 1
Silicone Thermal Pad, for SSR 1
Fiberglass Tape, 2x12cm 1
SD Card, 16GB 1
Electronics 2 Toolhead PCB 1
Breakout PCB 1
LED Junction PCB 1
XY Endstop PCB 1
Z Endstop PCB 1
Klicky Probe Kit 1
LDO Input Shaper Toolkit 1
Print a Steppy Kit – (LDO mascot) 1
TMC2209 Stepper Motor Driver (BTT) 7
Terminal Block, UK2.5B, Blue 2
Terminal Block, UK2.5B, Red 2
Terminal Block, UK2.5B, Ground 2
Bridge, UK2.5B, 10 pos. 1
Cover Plate, UK2.5B 3
End Block for DIN Rail 2
DIN Rail Plastic Endcap 4
Fasteners, Tools & Misc. Machine Screw, BHCS, M5x10 52
Machine Screw, BHCS, M5x12 4
Machine Screw, BHCS, M5x16 43
Machine Screw, BHCS, M5x30 26
Machine Screw, SHCS, M5x40 26
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x6 12
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x8 253
Machine Screw, FHCS, M3x10 8
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x12 44
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x16 24
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x20 36
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x25 6
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x30 33
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x40 34
Machine Screw, FHCS, M3x6 22
Machine Screw, BHCS, M4x6 8
Self-tapping Screw, M2x10 37
Hexnut, M5 30
Hexnut, M3 10
T-nut, Roll-in, 2020, M5 80
T-nut, Roll-in, 2020, M3 135
Heatset Insert, Brass, M3x5x4 110
Washer, M5x8x1mm 6
Precision Spacer, M5x8x1mm 46
Washer, M3 6
Knurled Nut, M4 4
T-nuts, Hammer Head, 2020, M3 75
T-nuts, Hammer Head, 2020, M5 (For Mounting the Aluminum Handlebar) 16
6x3mm Neodymium Magnet 12
Teflon Tube (4mm OD 3mm ID), 1m 1
Zip Ties, 3x150mm 100
Tape, 3M VHB 1
Brass Heatset Insert tool, M3 1
Drill bit, 2mm 1
Hex Wrench, 1.5mm 3
Hex Wrench, 2mm 1
Hex Wrench, 2.5mm 1
Hex Wrench, 3mm 1
Hex Wrench, 4mm 1
Slot Head Screwdriver, 2.5mm 1
Aluminum Handle Bar 2
Belts, Chains, & Fans 40x40x20 Centrifugal Fan (24V) 1
40x40x10 Axial Fan (24V) 1
Nevermore Micro V5 Parts (Carbon Pellets not included) 1
60x60x20 Fan (24V) 2
Genuine Gates Open Belt, 2GT, 9mm (by metre) 5.5
Genuine Gates Open Belt, 2GT, 6mm (by metre) 5.5
Genuine Gates Belt Loop, 2GT, 6x188mm 4
Rubber Feet, 38x19mm 4
Drag Chain, 10x10mm, R18 2
Drag Chain, 10x15mm, R28 1
Linear Rail Kit Linear Rail Stainless Steel, LDO-SLR12H-350Z0 1
Linear Rail Stainless Steel, LDO-SLR9H-350Z0 6
Buildplate Magnetic Pad 1
Spring Steel Flex Plate 1
Build Plate, Cast 5083 Alloy, Blanchard Ground, w/ Keenovo Silicone AC Heater w/ thermistor – 280x280mm (600W) & Thermal Fuse (125c) 1
Panels Deck Panel, Acrylic, Matte Black, 4mm 1
Back Panel, Acrylic, Matte Black, 3mm 1
Bottom Panel, Acrylic, Matte Black, 3mm 1
Door Panel, Acrylic, Clear, 3mm 2
Side Panel, Acrylic, Clear, 3mm 2
Top Panel, Acrylic, Clear, 3mm 1
Frame Kit LDO V2.4 Frame kit 1
Motor Kit LDO V2.4 Motor Kit RevB 1
N/A DIN Rail, Steel 2
N/A BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1 1
N/A Meanwell RSP-200-24 PSU 1
N/A C13 Power Cord 1.5m 1
N/A PVC Wire Duct, 20x25mm profile 4
N/A Extrusion Cover, 6mm width 2
Additional Kits Klicky Probe 1
Nevermore Filter (carbon NOT included) 1
LDO Input Shaper 1
Stealthburner Beta Upgrade  1
Rev A, 23/1/2022 By LDO Team
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